About Us

Midas Rx Pharmacy is a patient centered, service driven pharmacy. Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to your care and wellness. We make your Midas experience beneficial… second to none!

Our Promise

Prompt personalized service with no long waits.

Pharmacy Profile

Located in Elkridge, Maryland, Midas Rx Pharmacy staff consistently provides a courteous and prompt service ensuring you get a satisfactory experience.

As a well-established pharmacy in Maryland, we always take the liberty of giving you the highest standard of pharmacy services. Added to this is our wide range of quality medical supplies that successfully meet all your medical needs. And because of our aim to achieve the highest excellence, we have a good reputation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Midas Rx Pharmacy provides services that promote and improve the quality of your life. We offer senior citizen discounts, prescription management services and one-on-one consultations with our licensed pharmacists. We also take the responsibility of picking up and transporting your medication to your location through our fast and reliable delivery service. All of these services that we proudly offer are perfectly aligned to your goals and wellness.

Here at Midas Rx Pharmacy, we staff friendly and compassionate people. We believe that our staff play a great role in providing our customer the highest standard of satisfaction.

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